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"I have always dreamed of writing books and sharing with others the things my imagination creates."

I Wish You Knew Photo.png

This beautifully illustrated book is a must read for all parents and children. I Wish You Knew is a collection of small bits of wisdom a parent or loved one would give to a child of any age. The book ends ensuring our little one knows the most important decision in life is one to follow Jesus.
Written by a mother of two who has seen her children go through open heart surgery, learning disabilities as well as typical life issues. The author's heart is to give her loved ones a little knowledge to help them along the way as they journey through the joyful and tough times growing up. This is a coming of age story all readers should experience.

This book is a perfect baby shower gift for any new parent. Or if you are just looking for a way to introduce the gospel to a little one this is a perfect start. It combines events that happen in every day life with the wisdom a parent uses from God's word to share with a child so they can grow up confident in the love God has for them. 

"Jenn L Brown has created an exceptional picture book filled with Godly wisdom that a child should learn. It’s up to parents to teach their kids to be wonderful adults and I Wish You Knew is a marvelous book filled with lessons of love – guaranteed to show every child that they are loved by their family and by God." -Melanie Kennedy for Readers’ Favorite

Tate's Big Imagination_edited.jpg

-Great book for every elementary school teacher
-Book to encourage children who are easily distracted that they can grow.
-Tate develops a growth mindset and tries his best.
Tate’s imagination is always working, and that make-s play time very fun. However, school is another story. He struggles to keep his mind focused on what he is learning each day. Read as Tate combines his own creativity and his schoolwork together to learn what he needs for the day.
-Great to show children with attention issues that they can be successful at school. Tate’s character is based from an imaginative boy who has ADHD and dyslexia and struggles to focus and stay on task.. Yet, he is learning many coping skills so he can do better each day. The author hopes this book can encourage other children with learning differences that they can find ways to make their mind work for them rather than against them.
-Can also be used alongside any Social Emotional Learning lessons as well. This book can not only help children like Tate, but it can help others understand what some of their classmates may be struggling with when they have trouble staying on task.

Hannah and the Fear Fairy Photo.png

A book about an ordinary girl who faces her fears. This children's book is great for your early reader or intermittent reader to learn management of fears. ollow along as Hannah finds a creative way to overcome her fears and learns to feel empowered to do hard things. First through Fifth graders will enjoy reading this book. Social emotional learning is important today and this book discusses a few of the points learned with those rescources. Children's books today often are feelings books that tackle difficult social and emotional concerns.
A gift for girls or gift for boys, your reader will love this. Wether reading it as a 3rd grade reading book or for fun, all ages will enjoy the message of this book. This is a wonderful childrens book for ages 6-8, children's books for ages 8-10 and books for girls. Though boys will love it too.

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