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Who is Worthy? God Speaks

The LORD said, “Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the LORD, for the LORD is about to pass by. 1 Kings 19:11a

Elijah Part 2

We’ve discussed that Elijah was depressed. He was ready to die. He must have felt God was no longer going to use him. Have you ever lost faith and felt like you just were not enough anymore to be used by God? I do not know if this is how Elijah felt, but I do know he was ready to be done with all of it.

Living in the valley of life is hard. I have been there more often than I care to admit in my own life, and I can tell you that there were times I wanted to give up. I felt like God had just forgotten about me, like he had turned his face from me. I struggled with knowing if God really loved me. I do think Elijah may have struggled with this thought. Why else would he run from Jezebel out of fear, when his God had just sent fire from heaven? He was obviously not thinking clearly.

Yet, the part of these scriptures that speaks to me most is that when the Lord walked by, He and Elijah just started talking to one another like old friends. Most of the time when the angel of the Lord ( God himself in angelic form) speaks to anyone in the Bible they are told not to fear. Yet, with Elijah they just have normal dialogue. This speaks to the fact that God knew Elijah so well, and He obviously had not given up on him. God was still there, in a small whisper as He passed by the mountain, He was there ready to give Elijah his next mission.

See, even when we have walked the darkest valley, plead with God to take the pain away, doubted him and run from all He has called us to do, He is still waiting for us to listen for His voice. He knows the right time and the right way to speak to you in the midst of the pain, because He knows you.


1. Reread the passage from today. What do you hear God speaking to you in these verses?

2. How can you apply what he is saying in your life today or this week?

Mindset shift: Say a prayer thanking God for speaking to you and giving you purpose even when you feel purposeless. Find ways today to make a difference for God’s kingdom and then write down what you have accomplished for the Lord.

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