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Keeper of the Lost Cities Book Review

I recently read Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger and I really enjoyed it. Although it is technically a middle grade book, adults and older teens who enjoy fantasy should enjoy this read.

Sophie is a 12 year old girl who has telepathic abilities, and she has kept this a secret from her family since she was 9 years old. However, one day she meets a strange boy named Fitz who believes she is the elf which he and his father have been searching for years. Once he is able to convince Sophie she is actually an elf, she goes with him to the Lost Cities where the elves live, and thus begins her adventures.

Sophie is not only odd because she is an elf that has been living with humans for years, she also has uncommon brown eyes and knows nothing of the elven world. She must prove to the leaders of this world that she belongs and is able to keep their secrets.

I found Sophie to be an extremely likable character if a bit precocious. She most definately acts more like a young adult rather than a twelve year old girl, though at times her immaturity shines through, especially when it comes to crushes on boys. I found myself rooting for Sophie to earn her place in the Lost Cities and to find a home there.

The world building is also done well. I could imagine myself at Havenfield, the home of her guardians in the Lost Cities as well as many of the other exciting places we are introduced to in book 1 of the series. Messenger does a great job of creating a reality beyond our human understanding that could very likely exist without human knowledge!

When reading a middle grade or young adult book, I often read through my "mom lens." Would I be okay with my child or nieces and nephews reading this at the appropriate age? Unfortunately more times than not, my answer is no. However, with Keeper of the Lost Cities my answer is definitely a yes! I would have no problem with my 11 year old reading this book. There are no inappropriate relationships for the characters ages and all in all it is a pretty innocent book. There are themes of violence and child abduction, as well as loosing family, which could be a trigger for some, so keep that in mind when considering this for your child.

I would most definitely recommend Keeper of the Lost Cities for anyone age 11 and up! My niece and I have loved reading these books and talking about them together! Click the button to check it out on Amazon!

As an Amazon affiliate, I do earn commissions on qualifying purchases.

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